Content from 2017 New York City Meeting

Thank you everyone for another successful meeting of the ICVR in New York City! We had many thoughtful discussions of ongoing projects and next steps for the collaboration. Please find below the minutes and slides from the conference.  We look forward to continuing to work with everyone throughout the year.


Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes


Slide Presentations:

1. Impact of Center Volume on Elective and rAAA RepairAdam Beck, Kevin Mani, Sal Scali

2. Impact of Center Volume on Outcome of CEA and CAS, Maarit Venermo, Grace Wang

3. Patient Blood ManagementNicolaj Eldrup, Randy DeMartino

4. Results of Delphi Survey for PAD Core Data ElementsChristian Behrendt, Danny Bertges

5. Variations in PAD TreatmentChristian Behrendt

6. The ICVR Prospective  rAAA ProjectKevin Mani, Adam Beck

7. FDA Perspective on First ICVR Prospective ProjectPablo Morales

8. IMDRF Registry Working Group UpdateDanica Marinac-Dabic


Other Documents:

November 2017 Updated Covariates

Martin Björck BMJ Paper



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